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proper care of rabbits and other furry friends.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter & Rabbit Vets

Does your bunny need a honey?

You bet they do! Every bunny wants a bunny friend.
Bunnies are much happier, live longer, and are more social when they have a bunny buddy.

For successful bonding both rabbits must be fixed.

Read about Bonding Bunnies

Help & Advice

Shelter Animals....a very important read.

Petfinder- Adoptable Rabbits, Cats, and Kittens

The Burrow (Bunny Bunch - Montclair & Orange County)

Bunny Basics

The Importance of Hay

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Vets

Do you really want a rabbit?

HOT WEATHER: It's a killer for rabbits

Reasons to adopt a senior rabbit

Ten Reasons to Adopt a white rabbit

How you can make your rabbit happy!

Prepare for an Emergency

Rabbit Veterinarians

Obesity in Rabbits

Rabbit proofing your home

Finding a home for your rabbit

When a rabbit loses his mate

Bonding Bunnies

The Mystery of Rabbit Poop

Bunnies & the Classroom = Mismatch!

Ten Reasons not to put your rabbit in a hutch

Easter & Bunnies

Guinea Pig Basics   Hamster Basics   Rat Basics  

 Dwarf Hamster Basics  Mouse Basics

Cottontail Info

Special Animal Websites:

Animal Shelters, Rescues, Educational websites, pet sitters, and more!

It is against the law to abandon domestic animals in parks or other public places and is punishable by law (fine and/or imprisonment) under the California Penal Code Sec. 597s◄

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